I AM grateful to the voters of Pengerang for giving me the opportunity to serve for another term. Thank you, Pengerang voters, for coming out to vote. I take the mandate and trust given to me very seriously and I will continue to prioritise your interests and concerns.

I believe the outcome of the general should not be focused on which party, coalition or individual wins. Instead, this general election, like every other, should be about the voters – their voice, their choice and what they want to see in the coming days for Malaysia by choosing their elected representatives. The anti-party hopping law, which is in effect, serves as a guarantee of stability to voters whereby the individuals elected by voters in the election will face consequences should they decide to defect.

At the moment, the anti-party hopping law only addresses individual MPs who hop from one party to another, but is silent on political parties that decide to move from one bloc (coalition) to another. I sincerely hope that the new government will push for the anti-party hopping law to include recall elections, thus giving voters the power to decide if any movement, whether individual or en bloc, is legitimate on a case-by-case basis. Voters should always be given the right to decide in our democratic system.




As elected representatives, the “win” is not the goal. We now have work to do, to serve the people and do the work it takes for stability and continuous improvement in our current legal and executive systems through reforms, developing new laws, amending old laws where need be, and addressing issues that affect each Malaysian through action and not just words.

I am looking forward to the work that lies ahead and hope that elected representatives from both sides of the aisle, chosen by the voters, will work together to achieve the common goal of a stable, peaceful and prosperous Malaysia. – November 20, 2022.

* Azalina Othman Said is incumbent Pengerang MP.

* This is the opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insight. Article may be edited for brevity and clarity.



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