Smoke rises after an Israeli air strike on Gaza City. At least 11 Palestinians were killed and 80 others injured in the attack yesterday. – EPA pic, August 6, 2022.

MALAYSIA condemns in the strongest terms the latest Israeli attacks on Gaza, which resulted in the loss of lives of Palestinian civilians, including children, Saifuddin Abdullah said.

In a statement today, the foreign minister said Malaysia also calls on the international community to urgently exert the utmost pressures on the Israeli regime to cease immediately their violations and aggressions against the Palestinians.

“This latest atrocity by Israel was indeed a blatant disregard of the international law and the many principles of humanity,” he said.




“The international community must censure Israel over its selfish provocative assaults and apartheid policy against the fundamental rights, lives, livelihood and dignity of the Palestinians of all faiths in their own land.

“There should not be any double standards in addressing conflicts.”

Malaysia reaffirms its unwavering support for and solidarity with the Palestinian people and their cause for achieving freedom from the Israeli occupation, he said. 

At least 11 Palestinians were killed while 80 others were injured during air strikes launched by Israeli army on the Gaza Strip yesterday. – Bernama, August 6, 2022.

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